Softline profile

Softline is a leading global IT (information technology) service and solution provider operating in different markets all around the world including Russia and CIS, Latin America, India and Asia. Our services include end-to-end technology solutions, software licensing, hardware products and services. We have a strong cloud offering powered by our own cloud platform.

We offer our customers comprehensive IT solutions ranging from consultation, hardware and software delivery, project planning and implementation, system integration, maintenance, training and even the complete onsite operation of our customers' IT.

Softline had revenue of more than $900 mln USD in 2014 FY and CAGR 37.2% sales growth in the last 11 years.

Softline operates in 28 countries, and in 81 cities worldwide. More than 20 years of distinguished history has helped us to consolidate a unique knowledge, expertise and model of working in different emerging markets with high growth.

Softline offers corporate licensing for a full range of software products, such as operating systems, virtualization, security, business productivity, creativity, education, CAD and others. Hardware solutions include storage, servers, networking and PCs. In addition, we provide services, such as IT asset management, implementation, consulting, outsourcing, technical support and training.

Softline provides end-to-end technology solutions including infrastructure, cloud, virtualization, collaboration, security, mobility, data center. We offer a diverse portfolio of cloud computing services, including public cloud, dedicated, private cloud, and hybrid cloud based on our own cloud platform.

Softline builds long term partnership relations with clients, vendors and employees.Softline has partnerships with more than 3000 software and hardware manufacturers and has highest partner status with all key vendors. We provide a unique marketing and sales channel for our vendors in all markets where we are present.

We serve over 60 000 Enterprise, Corporate and SMB clients, both from private and public sectors. Over 1300 sales representatives and 600 engineers and technical specialists help our customers navigating through the complex IT environment.

We are the customer centric company, always at our customer’s side ,suggesting brand independent solutions which best serve customer’s needs.