History and development


Softline operates in the field of information technology and offers a broad spectrum of infrastructural and industry-specific IT solutions, as well as a comprehensive spectrum of services for creation, optimization, support and development of information systems. Our team of more than 2800 specialists shares efficient and affordable IT solutions with companies from all over the world. We are trusted, we are being recommended, and we build long-term partnerships and client relations. Softline goes global in the IT world!

  • 2014 – $ 908 million turnover
    The company provides the comprehensive full spectrum of solutions and services for efficient creation and development of IT infrastructure. Cloud technologies, IT services and infrastructural solutions remain the most important Softline development vectors. In 2014 Financial Year, Softline Cloud line of business has shown turnover of 21,942,000 USD, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the last 5 years was 75.34%. Softline solution portfolio includes various services related to building public, private and hybrid cloud platforms on the basis of Softline data processing centers, as well as the leading vendor platforms. Corporate cloud infrastructure works in 4 cities of Russia (Moscow – 2 sites, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok). In 2015, cloud sites in Kiev and Almaty will be opened.
    Corporate IT service turnover during the reporting period has been 51,738,000 USD, the compound annual growth rate during the last 5 years was 54.18%. Softline Hardware has achieved the 75,256,000 USD turnover, and in the last 5 years its CAGR was 159.95%.
    Softline business performance in the reporting period has been acclaimed by the leading independent experts. For instance, in a number of ratings the positions of the company have become higher in comparison with the previous year. In particular, Softline has gone two positions up and became No.3 in the Rating of the Companies of the Russian IT market ("Kommersant Dengi", 2015); became the leader in the Rating of the Largest IT Providers for Retail Market – 2014 (CNews Analytics, 2015); was ranked 3rd among the largest Business Intelligence solution providers in Russia in 2014 (CNews Analytics, 2014).
    According to RIA Novosti, 2015, Softline has become one of the 5 largest IT companies in Russia.
    For the second year in a row, Softline confirms the following positions:
    • Rank 2 among the Largest Russian IT Companies in the field of Information Security (CNews Analytics, 2014).
    • Rank 5 among the Largest Software-as-a-Service providers in Russia (CNews Analytics, 2014).
    • Rank 1 in the ‘Best IT Company for Industrial Enterprises’ category in the ‘Rating of the leaders of Information Technologies for the Industry’ (Production Management business portal, 2015).
  • 2013 – $ 950 million turnover
    Softline is the leading global IT solution and service provider that works in the markets of Russia, the CIS, Latin America, India and South-Eastern Asia. Our company turnover is around 1 billion, and during the last 10 years the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) was around 40%. Following the results of 2013 financial year, more than 1000 projects have been implemented in the field of IT services; the direction of hardware delivery within the framework of comprehensive projects has shown 230% turnover growth; the highest partner statuses have been achieved in the Cloud line of business, including Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partners, Google Apps Premier Enterprise Reseller, Google Apps Premier SMB Reseller. Softline ranks 1st in ‘Top-30: hardware and software delivery within the framework of integration projects’ (‘Expert RA’ business magazine, 2014), holds 5th place in ‘The list of the Largest SaaS Suppliers in Russia’ (‘CNews Analytics’, 2014), ranks 5th in the “Rating of companies of the Russian IT market” (“Kommersant Dengi”, 2014), 2nd in the “Rating of the Largest Russian IT Companies in the field of the information security” (‘CNews Analytics’); 7th in the “Rating of the Largest IT Companies in Russia” (‘RIA Novosti’, 2014). Softline information system development department has started working under the Develonica brand. Softline Group has representative offices in 80 countries in 27 countries of the world. Our staff comprises 2800 employees, including: 600 engineers and technical specialists, 1300 sales managers. We boast more than 60,000 corporate clients.
  • 2012 – $805 million turnover
    Softline is a leading company on the Russian IT market, countries of the former USSR and overseas. The company specializes in the delivery of IT solutions and offers the full range of services for construction, optimization, support and development of IT infrastructure. In 2012, Softline gained new partnership statuses, expanded its solution portfolio and the pool of implemented projects. According to CNews Analytics, Softline sits in the top four biggest Russian IT companies in the field of informational security. In 2012 Softline strengthened its presence in overseas countries: it opened two new offices in Indo-China – in Cambodia (Phnom Penh) and Laos (Vientiane). Softline’s business continued its steady development in Central America, the next office in this region was opened in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. The company has representative offices in 68 cities, 25 countries. Over 2,200 employees work in the company.
  • 2011 – $600 million turnover
    In 2011, Softline continued to grow, rapidly increasing the range of clients and partners, improving competences, offering innovative solutions. Softline strengthened its positions in the area of information security – entered the top four leaders supplying information security solutions (according to the CNews rate), became the member of ABISS; significantly extended the range of Cloud Services; received new statuses from the leading global vendors. Simultaneously, new startups are emerging – electronic distribution, web-development, venture projects: Tekmi, Copiny. Softline opens new representative offices in South-Eastern Asia as well as Latin America. In 2011, Softline had an extensive network of branch offices all around the world: 24 countries and 66 cities.
  • 2010 – $456 million turnover
    In 2010, the company entered the IT markets of Romania and Argentina; several representative offices were opened in Russia. In 2010, the Services and Solutions Department (services.softline.ru) was established in Softline. The primary objective of the Department is to provide a comprehensive range of services in all IT directions, including technical support, outsourcing, consulting, information security services, creation of virtual IT environments, CAD systems etc. Softline Cloud Services opened a SaaS solution store.
  • 2009 – $290 million turnover
    2009 witnessed Softline’s active business development in different spheres. The Softline Venture Partners venture fund invested in the development of Actio and Bookee software. Softline Linux Solution Centers were opened in Yekaterinburg and Moscow, as well as a Web Communication Competence Center. Softline Information Security Centre established new segments for personal data protection and DLP. Softline Solutions founded the Oracle CRM Department. An in-house product developed by Softline Consulting Services, a corporate portal DeskWork, entered the IT market in Russia and the CIS countries. Softline increased its presence in Russia and abroad: it established representations in Surgut, Penza, Stavropol’ as well as Brest (Belarus), opened offices in Venezuela and Vietnam. Business geography: 16 countries, 57 cities. By the end of 2009 the staff number had reached 1500 employees.
  • 2008 – $364 million turnover
    2008 was remarkable for the increasing number of regional offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus. The first office was opened in Armenia, as well as in several non-CIS states across the globe(Turkey (Istanbul), Venezuela, Vietnam). Softline business spanned over 13 countries and 48 cities. Softline became an international IT company capable of completing large IT projects in the field of software licensing, training and technical support throughout Russia and CIS, as well as in some overseas countries. At that time, Softline had over 1300 employees. A new direction of remote education was developed in Softline Education Center. Our company also established the Softline Venture Partners investment fund.
  • 2007 – $292 million turnover
    This year was the most successful year since Softline’s foundation. The company celebrated 15 years of successful development in Russia, CIS and several other countries' software licensing markets. New offices were opened in Georgia and Mongolia. At that time Softline had representative offices in 10 countries, 32 cities and employed more than 1000 people. It became a major worldwide IT company capable of carrying out major educational, licensing and technical support IT projects all over Russia, CIS and other countries.
  • 2006 – $97,7 million turnover
    The company becomes the leader of the software licensing market in Russia and the CIS,opening offices in Azerbaijan and Tajikistan, thus having representative offices in 8 countries and 22 regional offices. The number of employees exceeded 600 people. New client services were launched, such as technical support, IT outsourcing, software audit.
  • 2005 – $44,9 million turnover
    Softline Consulting Services developed a new area of expertise – IT consulting. Another new project, Softline IT Employment, was related to personnel recruitment and consulting. New regional offices in Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Samara, Ufa and Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) were opened.
  • 2004 – $27,8 million turnover
    Softline and Microsoft jointly founded a new venture – Microsoft Solutions Center. We also founded Axoft, a software distribution company. New representative offices were opened in Kazakhstan (Almaty) and Uzbekistan (Tashkent), in Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg.
  • 2003 – $17,2 million turnover
    Softline explored new markets by establishing Softline Solutions, an IT consulting company.
  • 2002 – $10,3 million turnover
    Regional network extensively developed in that year – new offices were opened in Ukraine (Kiev), Khabarovsk, Nizhniy Novgorod.
  • 2001 – $5,4 million turnover
    A new marketing project was launched – regular free seminars. Softline Education Center was launched. The distribution sector rapidly expanded. The first regional office in Minsk (Belarus) was opened – it was the beginning of regional network development.
  • 1999 – Software catalog publication
    Softline-Direct catalogue appeared at all major Russian and CIS computer exhibitions, different conferences and seminars, offices of IT companies and became recognized by the IT community.
  • 1998 – $1,5 million turnover
    The company achieved a turnover more than 1,5 million USD, and the staff exceeded 35 employees. Softline started to introduce marketing innovations.
  • 1993 – $10 thousand turnover
    Softline company is founded.
    Softline staff consisted of 10 employees mainly engaged in science software supplies.