Social activities

The active position of Softline also is also reflected in its social activity. Softline aims to facilitate favorable conditions for formation of the IT sector in Russia. Igor Borovikov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Softline, is a Presidium Member of OPORA RUSSIA and Head of OPORA Committee for Information Technologies.

The All-Russian Non-governmental Organization of Small and Medium Business’ OPORA RUSSIA is a public association of entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses. The Organization’s key objective is assistance in consolidation of Russian entrepreneurs in forming favorable political, economic, legal and other conditions for the development of entrepreneurship in Russia, providing effective development of the national economy. OPORA RUSSIA representative offices are active in 80 regions of Russia.

The main goal of the OPORA RUSSIA IT Committee is to establish a constructive dialog between entrepreneurs, scientists and representatives of federal and regional government bodies in order to create favorable social and economic conditions for Russian IT sector development.

The main tasks of the IT Committee are:

  • Elaboration of the general opinion of the entrepreneurial society regarding information technology implementation and development in the Russian Federation.
  • Contribution to improvement of existing legislation and adoption of new efficient laws and regulations aimed to eliminate corruption and monopolisation, as well as fostering fair competition in the field of IT implementation and development.
  • Implementation of best Russian and international IT practices to enhance the efficiency of entrepreneurial activity.

Softline is ready to cooperate with all whom it may concern and highly appreciates any suggestions considering these subjects. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to write to us directly at:

Softline has entered into cooperation with the Skolkovo Foundation. This agreement was announced at a meeting of the Friends Club of the Information Technology Cluster. Within the framework of cooperation, Softline is going to participate in research in the field of strategic computing and software, and in monetization of development results.

The Skolkovo Foundation is the principal agency responsible for the Russian Skolkovo Innovation Center, a scientific and technological centre aimed at forming a self-regulating and self-developing ecosystem enabling steady growth of entrepreneurship and R&D. To increase the competitive advantages of Russian technologies on the international market, the Skolkovo Foundation engages major commercial companies.

Softline is a leading global IT solution provider which has been operating in different markets all around the world, including Russia and former USSR countries, Latin America, India and South Eastern Asia, for more than 20 years. Our company is one of Top-5 IT market players in Russia and in the last 15 years has been actively participating in innovative product development, making venture investment, fostering entrepreneurship and scientific research. Development of all these fields of activity is very important for Softline, and, therefore, we decided to unite our efforts with the Skolkovo Foundation.

The partnership between Softline and the Skolkovo Foundation is mainly dedicated to joint research and development activities in the field of strategic computing and software. Top priority will be assigned to the creation of new development and testing tools, innovative information security technologies and cloud computing.

According to the partnership plans, from 2015, the personnel of the R&D Center of Softline Group will be gradually moved to the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. It is planned that within the next 3 years, the number of employees working in the Innovation Center will reach 200.

Within the framework of cooperation with the Foundation, Softline will also participate in specialized competitions and other events selected by Skolkovo project participants. Their purpose is to provide financing for the most promising startups and train their representatives in both the R&D Center and other Softline Group business units. Furthermore, it is planned to launch a global promotion campaign that will facilitate the development of successful projects in the international market.

“During more than 20 years of existence, Softline has made a considerable contribution towards the shaping and development of the IT industry in Russia and on a global scale. We are not merely solving technological tasks – we are opening new promising IT market directions, creating new possibilities for qualitative breakthroughs in business development; we invest in innovative technologies and foster IT startups. The aim of the Skolkovo Foundation, which lies in building a self-developing IT ecosystem, is harmonious to our goal. That is why I am sure that our cooperation will lead to mutual success in the implementation of R&D projects and contribute to their entry into an international market”, - Igor Borovikov, Softline President Worldwide.

“We would like to welcome our new IT cluster partner – Softline Group. It is a company that boasts enormous experience and potential in innovation development issues. The main fields of partner cooperation include development and promotion of technologies in the most actual IT spheres: information security, cloud computing, new development and testing tools. Softline Group experts are already actively participating in cluster events. The accumulated scientific, technological and business expertise of our partner will allow IT cluster residents to create new projects and may lead to qualitative breakthroughs in existing ones”, - Igor Bogachev, Vice President and Executive Director of the Skolkovo Foundation IT cluster.