Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft Solutions

Our long-term partnership with industry expert Microsoft Corporation, allows us to provide a full spectrum of top-quality IT services ranging from consulting on the choice of solutions and pilot implementations, to putting the system into operation and maintenance. Our task is to get the most out of Microsoft technologies, so every customer receives a personalized and comprehensive solution. Many years of experience with Microsoft solutions allow us to implement projects of any complexity around the world.

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Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

  • As the companies grow, the number of corporate employees increases and new IT services are implemented, infrastructure management becomes more complex than ever before. Solutions powered by Microsoft System Center allow to decrease the IT management complexity due to automation of administrative tasks.

    Configuration Management

    • Centralize deployment and configuring of business applications and system software, matching licenses and installations
    • Heterogeneous IT infrastructure management, including mobile devices and apps
    • Simplification of infrastructure, TCO reduction
    • Compliance to regulations and corporate standards
  • Infrastructure Monitoring

    • Flexible enterprise-scale monitoring and fault-prevention functions
    • Availability of business critical application and services due to the best-of-breed of performance monitoring and diagnostics functionality for .NET and JEE applications
    • Holistic and unified view of the blend of data centers, public and private clouds

    User Support

    • Prompt and timely support via self-service portal
    • Increased speed of error correction due to coverage of all corporate business units
    • Optimization of workflow and accelerated request resolution due to templates that efficiently guide IT specialists with pre-configured request resolution maps

Public Cloud

  • Softline offers easy and secure migration from legacy tools to Office 365 which combines productivity and collaboration cloud services (Exchange, Skype, SharePoint) with the Office Professional suite. We help customers to benefit from both functionality of local Office applications and cloud technologies.

    Migration of Communications to the Cloud

    A migration from legacy solution to a ready-to-use cloud environment with simple maintenance and low costs helps integrating corporate communication and collaboration tools. Secured by automated backup and software updates delivery Office 365 keeps your data protected. Maintained by professionals in a data center cloud communication and collaboration remain uptime 99.9%.

  • Private Cloud

    Softline deploys flexible high-performance private cloud infrastructures powered by Windows Server and System Center. These technologies help to reduce costs and simplify support and maintenance due to resources consolidation and infrastructure and identity management automation.

    Private Cloud Deployment

    • Increased flexibility of IT infrastructure, reduced downtime, rich corporate mobility tools
    • Guaranteed IT services uptime even under heavy workload
    • Secure data storage and processing
    • Better hardware utilization ratio
    • Faster application and services deployment
  • Centralized identity Management

    Automation of user access right and identity management with Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager helps to minimize human factor related errors while minimizing identity management and access control costs in heterogeneous environments.

Unified Communications

  • Unified communications based on Skype for Business and Exchange platforms enable users collaborate using email, instant messaging, phone calls, and videoconferencing. This solution helps to unify standalone communication frameworks of all branches and affiliates and to cut costs on internal and external corporate communications.

    Migration from Legacy Email System

    Cloud UC infrastructure is a good example of how enterprise class IT solution can be deployed without years wasted and millions dollar spent. A customer benefits from reduced need in maintenance and better fault tolerance – and that’s the main point of cloud computing. Maintained by professionals, always updated and easy to scale up and down, a cloud UC service ensures better productivity, reliability, and flexibility.

Portals and Electronic Document Workflow

  • One of the main functions of IT is structuring a chaos of information and providing secure access to it. We help companies doing this with external and internal portals, create web sites and electronic document workflow systems based on Microsoft SharePoint Server platform.

    Corporate Portal

    • Efficient communications without geographical and organizational limitations
    • Unified access to all internal corporate services with search, version management, workflows, tasks to name a few
    • Feedback on the latest and the most vital ideas, proposals, and information materials
  • Knowledge Management System

    Designed to facilitate the knowledge management tasks, Management System enables standardization, distribution of knowledge as well as providing access. The system is an integrated web application connected to knowledge base that enables users to create documents, distribute them between domains of knowledge and access them.

    Information Kiosks

    Terminals designed to provide information to visitors, guests and employees. A sensor controlled web application provides access to general and corporate information. The solution increases the efficiency of information search and improves performance.

  • Education Portal

    А portal for collecting, storing, creating and editing educational materials, with communication and distance learning capabilities.

    KPI Management System

    Helps to reduce time spent on KPI planning and calculation and to increase updated indicators delivery. Featured built-in reporting and makes KPI measurements more precise and transparent.

  • Municipal Services Portal

    This solution helps authorities of all levels serving citizens better. Enabling to receive requests from citizens in the electronic form it shortens time of service proceeding.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Softline offers a complete service package for implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, from initial inspection and implementation to training, technical support and hosting. Moreover, we develop add-ons for CRM (data import, integration, etc.)

    Industry-specific solutions on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform developed by Softline enable automation of business activities of the companies in the following industries: financial services, banks; construction and real estate development; professional services; wholesale and distribution; insurance; telecommunications.

Enterprise Mobility

  • We offer various mobility scenarios based on Microsoft Mobility Suite management software combined with other software and hardware addressing your immediate mobility needs, improving visibility and increasing control. An environment of connected mobile workers helps your business to be always on, to improve productivity, efficiency and enables more responsive customer interaction.

    Controlled and Secure Employee Access to Corporate Data and Apps

    Enterprise Mobility Suite is a set of cloud services that allows corporate clients to provide manageable and secure employee access to corporate IT infrastructure, applications (local and SaaS) and information, including confidential, using their personal mobile devices, tablets and personal computers running on such operating systems, as Windows, iOS and Android.

  • Mobility for Points-of-Sale

    A mobile point of sales based on a tablet and necessary equipment connected (money box, scanner, printer). Using mobile POS sales representative can always be near their clients, connected to sales applications. Mobile label printer, as well as the bar code scanner built into the tablet case allow to efficiently perform inventory, product reception and shipment.

    Smart Class

    Smart Class combines software and hardware to provide an educational platform based on interactive whiteboard and tablets. Smart Class convert leaning to fun with its interactive content-rich environment.


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